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Products We Love

Here are several products we use regularly in making our Macaron creations. We have tested various products throughout our journey at Macarons By Agatha, and found these to be the best! As they are a part of our success, we wanted to share with you what has worked for us.

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This is the airbrush we use to create the decorations you see on our macarons.  We have tried several brands and models and found this to be the most reliable and effective when it comes to clogging and other issues.

This is the machine we use to create the stencils for our airbrush, labels, tags, and much more.  It has served us well for many years now.

You can also explore these machines directly on their site, as they often have discounts and sales.

We have found this almond flour to be great quality, whereas some other brands have issues with clumping.

We hope our experience with these products can help you in your own baking passions!

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